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Our Culvert Hydro Jetting and Cleaning Service works on pressure rather than volume as this encapsulates the compacted materials. Which means that ACPH can clean any size and shape culvert from 300mm round-up.

We take extra care when cleaning culverts and drains to provide an environmentally responsible service. This means that when not taken care of properly, wastewater can cause damage to local wildlife. So we do our best to remove all debris from your drain or culvert cleaning site and that any wastewater created through our cleaning process is recycled correctly. Our environmentally friendly culvert cleaning method gets the best results in almost all situations!

We are located in the Town of Collie and service the South West of Western Australia, and we travel to you!

Clean and clear your pipes with Hydro Jetting

ACPH – Culvert Hydro Jetting and Cleaning services use a unique head that directs water backwards, flushing the debris. This means that our system works on pressure rather than volume, as force works better with encapsulated compacted materials.

There are different heads for different applications. This means that one is better suited for box culverts, another for tightly compacted materials, and the last is general-purpose light duty. The action of water forced backwards means that the head and hose get drawn into the culvert as it cleans, and the operator has to control forward momentum with sufficient time for the water to flush behind. 


  • We require a supervisor on-site to ensure the Supervisor quality and safety is observed, which means that any paperwork is completed, and they can manage daily logistics, keeping the crew abreast with essentials and resolving any unforeseen issues. 
  • Culvert Cleaner and operator – This is the essential truck that needs to be on-site. It has a large trailer with a small excavator. The operator is well experienced and will be on-site with the culvert cleaner at all times until the job is complete. 
  • 3.5t Excavator – The excavator cleans the aprons and headwalls and removes any build-up of material and debris. 
  • Water cart – The culvert cleaner has a tank, but it requires regular topping up. All our operators are multi-skilled and can swap roles if required.  

Efficiency during cleaning is affected by: 

  • Culvert size/shape
  • Percentage blocked
  • Material Blockage type and volume

The basic methodology followed for each job: 

  • Clean aprons and headwalls to ensure that the outlet drain can flow. 
  • Flush culvert, one barrel at a time for multiple barrel culverts. 
  • Clear any material build-up and debris during and after flush. 
  • Move to the next culvert – repeat for each clean. 


  • We do not offer fixed pricing; instead, we offer our best hourly rate quoted on a needs basis.
  • We factor in many considerations and guarantee to offer a price that will suit your budget and needs. 

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